About Parisota Hot Club

Parisota Hot Club at Zinc-2002

Guitarist Robb Henry is introduced to French expatriate violinist Raphaël Fraisse in December 2001 and voila! Parisota Hot Club. Left to right Raphaël, Bobby E. Ekstrand, Bill Grenke, Robb Henry. Photo by Claire Boswell - 02.07.02

Formed in 2001...Original intention in getting together to explore the music of Django Reinhardt... First official date as Parisota Hot Club at Brasserie Zinc in Minneapolis Feb. 7 2002... At this time, it was the first Hot Club of the 2000's devoted to the jazz stylings of Reinhardt and violinist Stephan Grappelli to appear on the Mpls./St. Paul music scene. It has since become the longest running Hot Club locally in the Twin Cities. The current Parisota lineup has been performing as a trio since 2015 with Robb Henry - guitar, Jim Plattes - violin and Matt Senjem - bass.

The name Parisota is a blend of two locations; Paris, hometown of original PHC violinist and founding member Raphaël Fraisse and the group's home base, Minnesota.

Parisota Hot Club current lineup: Jim Plattes - Violin, Robb Henry - Guitar and Matt Senjem - Bass.