Parisota Hot Club currently performs as a trio featuring Robb Henry - Guitar, Jim Plattes - Violin and Matt Senjem - Bass.

The standard trio of Guitar, Violin and String Bass is the basic configuration of Parisota Hot Club. Variations on this are also available ranging from guitar and violin duo to a quintette with either drums, accordion, clarinet, additional guitars or violins added. Seven piece has been the largest PHC performance group to date.

Guitarist and founding member Robb Henry has played host to a number of musicians over the years, performing as guest artists or additions to the basic group.

Musicians having been seen and heard with Parisota Hot Club over the past 20 years:

  • Violin: Original member Raphael Fraisse, Jim Plattes, Gary Schulte, Randy Sabien, Tom Schaefer, Jim Price, David Stenshoel, Kip Jones and Zack Kline.
  • Accordion: Patrick Harison and Stas Venglevski
  • Clarinet: Tony Balluff
  • Sax: Dave Karr
  • Guitar: Bandleader and original member Robb Henry, Original member Bobby E. Ekstrand, Sam Miltich, Reynold Philipsek, Mark Kreitzer and Dean Harrington.
  • Bass: Original member Bill Grenke, Matt Senjem, Jim Chenoweth, Keith Boyles, Jeff Brueske, Tom Lewis, James Buckley, Matt Peterson and Matthew Miltich.
  • Drums: Jay Epstein, Ben Kaplan, Dehl Gallagher and Michael Bissonette
  • Vocalist Connie Evingson has done numerous shows with PHC dating back to early 2004 and the band appears on her 2005 CD “Gypsy in my Soul”.
  • Parisota also performed extensively with vocalist Erin Livingston 2014 - 2016, and has done a number of dates with Milwaukee-based vocalist Robin Pluer since early 2008.
Parisota Hot Club through the years
Past and present. Original quartet 2002 and present trio 2022.